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patrickspost - Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is respected and very important to us.

The information we collect and store:

  • You handle, email, and password (login credentials) set at time of user account setup or when managed in your user settings
  • Any Content you post to the Service
  • IP address when posting
  • Timestamps
  • Derivatives of this information that helps us provide the best Service possible to you

This information may be backed up and stored for an indefinite period of time. patrickspost does not currently own and operate its own servers. All information collected is stored on servers owned and operated by a widely known provider that is believed to be quite reputable. While a good faith effort is maintained to protect your information at all times, we cannot guarantee complete protection and security.

You agree that if you post any of your personal information on patrickspost, such information may be collected and used by others over whom patrickspost has no control. You further agree that patrickspost is not responsible for third party use of information you post or otherwise make publicly available via use of the Service.


We don’t use them.

When we will provide your information to a third party:

Please be advised that while your privacy is of utmost importance to us, patrickspost does not tolerate user activity that is illegal, violent, or in conflict with the Terms of the Service. You acknowledge and agree that patrickspost may, at its sole discretion, disclose your posted Content as well as your information including, but not limited to, handles, email addresses, IP addresses, user activity, etc. if required by law or it is deemed reasonably necessary to do so to protect the general interests or wellbeing of patrickspost, the patrickspost community members, or the general public. In other words, don’t be a creep. Be a good person. Conduct your activities while using the Service in a fair and legal manner that is compliant with the Terms, and your personal information should never need to be shared with a third party.

When we will NOT provide your information to third parties:

All other times.

When we may contact you:

  • Confirmation emails for posting activities
  • Account management activity emails associated with your patrickspost account
  • Critical notification emails in instances where we feel it is really important to get information to you
  • In reply to your personal inquiries


patrickspost reserves the right to change, modify, or otherwise alter the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy at any time, for any reason, and at its sole discretion.

Your use of the Service signifies your acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Should you have any questions or comments with regard to this policy, please email them to privacy@patrickspost.com.

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