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Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach Needed - (USA)
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Reply to / Posted by: TLSwithJess
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Date Posted: July 9, 2014 - 02:21 PM  
I own an online Nutrition and Weight Loss program called TLS with
Jess and am looking for someone to help with new clients in our
upcoming programs.

You can choose part or full time. You do not need experience, we
train everyone. However, you do need to have a love of being
healthy and a passion to help others achieve it.

You make money in several ways::
-Weekly meeting fees (anywhere from $200-$600 and above - per
-Retail profit from any supplements/products customers purchase
-Cash Back from supplements/products customers purchase
-Commission for supplements/products consumers purchase
-Bonuses from volume of customer purchases and from your team
-Ongoing income from repeat customers

You DO NOT have to actually sell anything yourself. This is a
nutrition program. We always explain supplements and products to
the customers, but you do not sell anything yourself. The program's
main website is set up to do that for you.

This is my current introductory website that explains the program to
give clients better idea of what the program is about:


If interested, please reply including a little bit about yourself (resume
works as well). If we feel you are a good fit for our team, we will set
up an initial interview and further review the business plan and


Thank you!
Jess and Edward

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