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10 Ebay Partners Wanted! - (Charlotte)
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Date Posted: August 11, 2015 - 03:36 AM  
Ever wish you could earn money from your Ebay account with no upfront
money on inventory or no time spent shipping products? NOW is the time! We
have a limited time partnership available for 10 accounts (in good standing
and preferably with some feedback/selling history - but not necessary). What
are we doing? We will pay YOU to list our products with 5% of the sales
volume! What do you need to do? List the exact products we say list (don't
worry - all are consumer products - no fakes, no shady products and nothing
improper!). We give you all the verbage/photos or a link to a product we want
you to mirror. Once we both get a sale, you send the proceeds to us minus
Ebay fee, Paypal fee and 5% of the total AND WE ship the product! You are
paid UPFRONT! NO waiting for payments! NO ACCESS TO YOUR EBAY OR

The average Ebay account has the ability to list 100 or so items monthly. Our
products have an average sales price of $25 - $50. You could earn $250 or
MORE each month for JUST listing our product. ANYONE can do it but you
MUST be diligent to let us know when product sells and follow up with
customer questions and issues! Our top partner earned over $400 in their first
month! The more listings you have, the more you can earn!

We prefer active Ebay selling accounts with no limitation on receiving funds -
but are open to anyone who is diligent, professional and wants to earn money
for VERY easy work!

It is that easy! Why let your dormant Ebay account just sit there? Use it to
earn legitimate dollars and get PAID immediately on each sale!

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